*Note: Thai delegates who apply for 3-year and 5-year ThaiBMES membership can get discounted registration rate for BMEiCON2013. Delegates who register for BMEiCON 2013 at regular or student rate will automatic receive 1-year ThaiBMES membership.  The 1-year ThaiBMES membership will get discounted registration for the next BMEiCON conference organized within December 2014.
 ThaiBMES membership fee:
Fee (Baht)
3 Year
5 Year

 Privilege of ThaiBME menber:
- Get discounted rate for conference organized by ThaiBMES including BMEiCON and BMECON
- Get discounted fee for IJABME publication fee. (
- For 5 year member, get free T-shirt.